Mr. Waleed has worked for several insurance companies such as AIG and Lloyds of London etc in California, USA during 2001-03. He then worked as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs Investment Management Division till 2005. Before joining FPM, he was working with Merrill Lynch Global Private Client Group in New York, USA. Mr. Waleed, with his solid educational, professional background and international experience adds a lot of value to the FPM team.

Mr. Waleed Faruki has done his Masters degree in Operations Management Performance Management Systems from New York University (NYU).
Shahid Saleem Rana
Raheal Masud
Mr. Shahid works with FPMs CFO and financial consultants in preparation and presentation of FPMs financial plans. He has also handled dismantling, packing and shipping of the FPM pulp making machinery and equipment in record time of six months with the help of 39 workers from FPM. Mr. Shahid has also undergone one practical year training with Korsnos, Sweden in Pulp and Paper and has worked closely with CTS Engineering in project design, machine selection and project planning process.
He has also been acting as the Company Secretary for FPM. Apart from FPM, Mr. Shahid has been executive director in Cotton Tree (Pvt.) Limited, a company sourcing textiles and related products representing global textile brands such as UNIFI, Scovill etc. Mr. Shahid holds an MBA in Project Finance from Richmond University, London.
Mr. Shahid Akbar Faruki - Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Waleed Akbar Faruki - Executive Director
Faruki Pulp Mills Ltd.
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